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OUR FIRM'S Philosophy

“Where the practice of law remains an art.” 

ZEN, “LESS IS MORE”: We’re not a high-volume “law factory” motivated by profit.  Never have been - - never will be.  We all know large corporations tend to be impersonal and uncaring, not a good trait for a law firm handling one’s most important needs.  Paying young lawyers fresh out of school as little as possible while charging clients as much as possible has never been our mantra. Our firm is a very selective, low-volume practice which enables us to focus more on the individual client and less on "the business."

Questions, questions, questions.  We all know bigger isn’t necessarily better and direct personal attention is always best.  At even the largest firms, your file is typically handled by one attorney. But, just who are you actually hiring?  The guy or girl on TV?  Do they actually practice law or just make commercials?  Will your file be handled by an inexperienced lawyer?  A paralegal?  Will you get to speak to the lawyer who is supposedly handling your claim?  Those are questions you will never ask at our firm.

We don’t advertise because we don’t need to. You won't see our firm on tv, billboards, or bus benches because most all our business comes from direct referrals by former clients, who are always welcome to call with their needs at any time. Our clients become part of our “law firm family” and a word-of-mouth referral is the ultimate compliment any business can receive.  Think about it: client satisfaction is vital to a law firm that doesn’t advertise.  Our goal is not to have thousands of cases where the client simply becomes a number. Our selective approach instead allows us to focus exclusively on getting “top dollar” for our clients.

EFFICIENT SERVICE: Although you pay no costs if we make no recovery, our size and flexibility enables us to provide services at a lower cost.  Unlike other firms, we never “markup” our costs or charge you interest on costs we carry.  Our costs are your true costs - - to the penny.  Costs at some firms can consume well over 15% of your net payment, so keeping costs at a minimum maximizes your recovery. Other firms charge “credit card interest” on your costs and that can add up to a significant sum, particularly on serious injury claims.  Finally, take a guess who pays for all that expensive advertising you see at some firms? With our low overhead, your costs are always kept to an absolute minimum.

"WHERE THE PRACTICE OF LAW REMAINS AN ART:" At the Considine Law Firm we’ve always viewed the practice of law as a “calling” or an “art,” not merely a business.  As the son of a police officer and nurse, Tracy became a lawyer for the very purpose of helping and serving others.  This is exemplified by the charitable or “pro bono” work we’ve always done on behalf of our church and local community for those in need.  Our firm is a long-time supporter of charities such as the Boy Scouts of America, and Tracy’s three sons are all Eagle Scouts.

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